OLURANTI Olayinka Oluyemi

OLURANTI Olayinka Oluyemi, PhD

Lecturer I


 I am currently a staff of Bowen University, Iwo where I work as a lecturer in Microbiology
programme, College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science (COAES). My first academic
appointment was in the University on the 26
th October, 2009 as an Assistant Lecturer. Presently, I
am in the position of Lecturer I. I completed my secondary school education at Christ’s Girls’
School, Ado- Ekiti in 1987. I was the best student in Chemistry and Mathematics in my class. I
obtained my first degree in Food and Industrial Microbiology from the Federal University of
Technology, Akure (FUTA) in 1997, graduating with a Second Class Upper Division degree. My
undergraduate project was on Biodeterioration of chicken eggs- local, poultry and freshly sold
eggs. My Master’s degree was in Microbiology (Environmental Microbiology) from the
University of Ibadan in 2003. At this level, I worked on a research titled “Microbial biodegradation
of compost substrate in mushroom cultivation”. I had my Ph.D degree in Mycology in the year
2015 from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. My research was on Anti-plasmodial, antimicrobial
and immunomodulatory potentials of some Nigerian higher fungi.
Before my appointment as a lecturer, I had the opportunity to work as a cashier/ clerical officer in
Baptist Medical Centre (now Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH). Also, as a Quality
Control Supervisor and mycologist at Zartech Limited (Agricultural Farm), Ibadan in the slaughter
house and mushroom section between 1999 and 2007.
As a lecturer, I have taught some courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The
undergraduate courses include BLY 120 (Introductory Cell Biology), BLY 121 (Introductory
Ecology), BLY 305 (Laboratory Practice in Biology), MCB 303 (Microbial Physiology), MCB
304 (Mycology), MCB 305 (Bacteriology), MCB 307 (Biodeterioration), MCB 408 (Microbiology
of water, sewage and air), MCB 415 (Phytopathology), MCB 413 (Pharmaceutical Microbiology)
, MCB 410 (Industrial Microbiology) and BLY 403 (Entrepreneurship). The postgraduate courses
include MCB 702 (General Microbiology II), MCB 703 (Advanced Microbial Physiology), MCB
711(Basic Mycology), and MCB 805 (Advanced Mycology). Between the year 2010 till date, I
have been opportuned to supervise about 90 undergraduate projects and 3 postgraduate students. I
am a member of American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Mycological Society of Nigeria
(MYCOSON), Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM), Botanical Society of Nigeria
I have twelve (12) papers already published in reputable journals, either as first author or co-author.
Also, I have attended several academic conferences and workshops. These include Conferences of
Botanical Society of Nigeria, Zonal Symposia of Nigerian Society for Microbiology, Mycological
Society of Nigeria Conferences, Unibadan Conferences of Biomedical Research. Workshops
attended outside the University are on Introduction to Microbial Genetics and Microbial Genomics
and Surveillance. Since assumption of duty in the University, I have served and still serving in
various capacities; as Level adviser, Secretary to Departmental meetings and Postgraduate
Committee meetings, Departmental PG coordinator, staff adviser (Bowen Association of

Biological Sciences Students), member of the supervisory committee (Bowen University
International School), Task force on Catering and Marketing (Complex) Management, Hall
Mistress, Committee on Environmental Awareness and Waste Management.
My research focus has been on isolation, identification and control of microorganisms associated
with foods, water surfaces, plants and animals using medicinal plants and mushroom extracts.
Much attention has been paid to the microbes causing spoilage in these materials and the
environment, and the pathogenic ones implicated in infections and diseases. I have been working
on the eradication of these microbes using antibiotics, and comparing their extracts particularly
against the antibiotic-resistant microorganisms.


  • Ph.D., Mycology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. 2015
  • M.Sc., Microbiology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. 2003
  • B. Tech., Food and Industrial Microbiology, Federal University of Technology, Akure. 1997


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