OLABISI Oluwaseyi Isaiah

OLABISI Oluwaseyi Isaiah,, PhD

Lecturer 11


OLABISI Oluwaseyi Isaiah, is presently a lecturer at the Department of Nursing Science,
BOWEN University,Iwo. The only Nigerian Nurse recipient of a prestigious 2015
Commonwealth distance learning scholarship award for Master in Public Health at
University of Manchester, UK. Being a multi professional Certified (Registered Nurse,
Registered midwife, Registered Public Health Nurse, Registered Psychiatric/mental
health Nurse and Registered Educator), his course work has covered a wide range of
topics in various discipline of Nursing. He has lectured in both private and public
Schools/Colleges of Nursing in Nigeria and has attended both national and international
conferences. He has his Bachelor of Nursing Science from LAUTECH, Master in Public
Health from University of Manchester, UK, Master of Science in Nursing from Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and Professional Diploma in Education from EACOED. He
is an external examiner for Nigeria Nursing and Midwifery Council qualifying
examination. A member of Association of Nigeria Nurse Educators, National Association
of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, He is happily married.


  • Master in Public Health (MPH) 2018
  • Registered psychiatric Nursing Certificate (RPN) 2018
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSc.N) 2016
  • Professional Diploma In Education (PDE) 2014
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (BN.Sc) 2009
  • Registered Public Health Nursing Certificate(RPHN) 2009
  • Registered midwife Certificate (RM) 2009
  • Registered Nurses Certificate (RN) 2008


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