MORAKINYO Olaniyan Amos

MORAKINYO Olaniyan Amos

Lecturer 1



  • Master’s Degree in Anatomy (MSc) 2014
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB;ChB) 2007
  • Registered member of Oyo State National Medical Association
  • Registered Member of Ife Medical and Dental Association


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  • Oyewopo OA, Ndace A, Biliaminu S, Morakinyo OA, Adeleke O: Studies of Estrogen and Progesterone on Testicular Functions in Male Wistar Rats (Rattus Novergicus); Era’s Journal of Medical Research Vol.4 No.2 DOI:10.24041/ejmr2017.43
  • Oyewopo OA, Olaniyi KS, Oyewopo C, Morakinyo OA: Adasonia digitata Ameliorates Carbon tetrachloride- induced Cerebello-pituitary Dysfunction in Adult Male Wistar Rats. International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences. January 2017 | Volume: 6 |Issue: 3| Page: 158-162. DOI: 10.4103/ijhas. IJHAS_176_16
  • Gabriel Akuna, Philip Ihechu, A. Ajeleti, O. Olabiyi, A Famurewa, L. Enye, Morakinyo O.A: Aqueous peel extract of Citrus aurantifolia attenuated tramadol-mediated testicular oxidative stress, apoptosis, inflammations and histo-architectural degeneration in a rat model. Eur. J. Anat. 24 (5) (2020)