MICHAEL, Olugbenga Samuel

MICHAEL Olugbenga Samuel, PhD

Lecturer I


MICHAEL, Olugbenga Samuel Ph.D, is a Lecturer  at the Department of Physiology, Faculty of
Basic Medical and Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Bowen University, Iwo, Osun
State, Nigeria. His research interest over the years has focused on the cardiometabolic
interactions that affect physiological processes in the body. His work on cardiovascular, renal
and hepatic metabolic dysregulation in metabolic syndrome has made significant contribution to
ongoing investigations to provide therapeutics for the management of metabolic syndrome.
Microbiome research and its application in health and disease especially its involvement in the
pathogenesis or management of cardiometabolic disorders, non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases,
polycystic ovary syndrome has been one of his research interest. Furthermore, He explored the
use and understanding of the mechanism of plant phytochemicals, neutraceuticals, pharmafoods
and diets for the treatment of diseases. He has published several scientific journals and
conference proceedings in local and international journals. He is a member of many scientific
and professional bodies like Physiological Society, UK, European society of cardiologist,
international society of hypertension, and Physiological Society of Nigeria


  • Ph.D. Physiology degree (2018)
  • M.Sc. Physiology degree (2011)
  • B.Sc. Physiology degree (2006)