KAYODE Jeremiah Akindele

KAYODE Jeremiah Akindele, PhD

Lecturer I



  • Ph.D., Statistics, University of Ibadan, (2014)
  • M.Sc., Statistics, University of Ibadan, 1988
  • B.Sc., Statistics, University of Ilorin, 1981


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  • KAYODE J. A (1999) Workbook on Statistical Computing (UNAAB) 43 pages-ISBN-978-2906-17-4 (Nigeria)
  • KAYODE J.A. (2000) Worked examples in Statistics (83 pages) – ISBN-978-34914-1-5 (Nigeria)
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  • KAYODE J.A. (2016), Modeling Response propensity in household surveys in Ibadan metropolis, Oyo State. PhD Thesis (Submitted for Publication with the International Journal of Pure and Applied Science)
  • AMAHIA G.N. and KAYODE J.A. (2016): Factors, causes and prevention of attrition in household surveys in Ibadan metropolis, Oyo State (Abridged version of my PhD thesis submitted for publication with the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.
  • KAYODE J.A. (1997): Non Sampling errors in household surveys. Causes, effects and corrections published by International Statistics Institute in its booklet, Recueil, U.S.A.